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The following FAQs will help answer any question you might have, as well as assist to answer any questions you might get asked as you engage in sharing our message.

What does SPAR stand for?

SPAR simply stands for Sport, Physical Activity, and Recreation

I will be attending a candidate debate, what are some questions I can ask?

If you have the chance to attend a local candidate debate, this would be an excellent opportunity to ask one of our candidate questions. You can find these questions in the candidate letter template on the Election Resources page.

Where would the funding come from to support these platform ideas?

This may be a common question you get challenged on when you are connecting with your local candidates. We feel there are a few options to achieve these new investments into the SPAR sector:

  1. As a part of recent calls to reform the healthcare system, we feel that 1% of the current provincial health budget could be re-allocated to focus on upstream prevention that SPAR provides. There is much research available that points to the cost savings, not to mention the increased revenues, that governments can achieve by making this shift in investment. With health expense budgets continuing to climb year-over-year, this would be a great opportunity to bend the curve.

  2. The recent addition of online gaming and single game sport betting by the provincial government is bringing in increased lottery revenues into provincial coffers. As a part of the charitable gaming model, it would be appropriate to re-invest a portion of these revenues back into the SPAR system.

Who does the SPAR sector represent?

The SPAR sector is very broad and diverse. Nearly every Albertan would have a personal and direct connection to SPAR. Whether that would be through participation in a sport or recreation activity; having a child involved in sport, visiting your local gym or walking or cycling on trails in your community.

How else can I help spread the word that SPAR Matters?

There are many ways you can help spread the word that SPAR Matters. From being active on social media, telling your story to friends, families and colleagues, writing letters to the editor of your local newspaper are just a few examples of ways to share the benefits and stories of SPAR.

A candidate has knocked on my door - now what?

Be prepared in advance for this opportunity. Read the SPAR Election Playbook, or better yet print a copy to have on hand for your local candidates visit. When asked about your priorities speak to the SPAR sector and tell a personal story of why it is important to you and your community. If you feel comfortable, maybe even memorize or share some of the statistics about the impact of SPAR. Then ask one or all of the questions we have included in our candidate letter.

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